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Our strengths

 Taught by senior foreign teachers

Real English is a true foreign language training institution, with

foreign teachers from many different countries (such as the United

States, Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Bahamas, France,

Spain and other countries), providing a rich and diverse cultural

environment, with an open minded approach to teaching and an

innovative and avant-garde education philosophy   which uses scientific ,

well-balanced curriculum designs for the various different groups.

 Exquisite small class groups

From the perspective of developmental psychology, Real English  

respects the needs of children at every stage of their development,

and adopts small group class teaching, so that teachers can pay more

individual attention to students in all classes , and can recognise each

student's unique ability, so that every student in Ruihe is like a precious

seedling which will thrive under the watchful eye and tender care and careful  

"watering" done by our   teachers !

Modern teaching approach with new innovative modes

using real life scenarios

The aim of Real English is to enable every student to study and learn

in a happy real life scenario environment and to discover their own sense

of achievement in their learning, and thus also to find their own lasting solutions

and joy in their journey of learning .

Ruihe Course

Kindergarten class


An Infant Initiation Class

(under 6 years old)

Good command of English

Youth Scenes

Scenes in Primary School   class

Scenes in Middle School class


The sprint class

A Preparation training course class for

High school entrance examination, College entrance examination, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE

eg. a fast track sprint training, to provide professional guidance to the candidates


Special Quality class

Tourism English

Business English

To provide a platform for travel lovers and business negotiators to improve their English!





A little variety of languages

German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean etc.

to improve your language ability level from a lower to a higher standard!

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